Minimum required configuration

The game can be consulted online using your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).
A recent version of Flash player is necessary. The version 10 is recommended.
You can download the latest version of Flash player on the Adobe website at the following address :
Adequate bandwidth : we recommend that you test the adequacy of your bandwidth before the workshop to ensure that you have a sufficient amount to play the game simultaneously on all of your computers.

Supported operating systems:

  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
  • MacOs 10.x (Mac Intel)

The program requires a high-speed Internet connection.  The interactive introduction is actually made up of multiple modules that are 3 to 10 MB each.  If you run into loading problems, a linear introduction in video format is available via the menu/button/link « Short version » at the bottom left of the episode menu. "Version courte" [À vérifier Eve] en bas à gauche du menu de l'épisode. [À voir en fonction de l’interface]


>The interactive introduction won’t start…

This introduction was created for user interaction (the player is the actor in the story), which requires a bit of power. If your equipment / network is not powerful enough, the system could freeze.

A linear « short version » preview was created for this very possibility. Start it up and have fun playing the game!


> My bandwidth is not sufficient enough for everyone to play at the same time. What do I do ?

Not to worry, 2025 ex-machina also works very well as a collective game, pedagogically speaking.

Connect to the Internet, start the game via a video projector, and consult the group for each decision with a vote and show of hands.

This is a good opportunity to note the opinions and different practices of your students, to start a debate on the different points of view expressed and to communicate your advice throughout the game…