The project

Fred and the fiendish cat is one of 4 Serious Game 2025 ex-machina episodes.




Serious Game 2025 ex-machina was created and produced by Tralalere, a producer of multimedia educational programs and coordinator of the French Awareness Centre within the Safer Internet Program.


The Objective

Although adolescents claim to know the correct guidelines of internet usage, many do not apply them and often lack awareness of the real consequences of their online practices, particularly in the long run.  The objective of 2025 ex-machina is to incite 12-17 year-olds to think critically about their fix and mobile usage, and to encourage them to adopt responsible online behavior on a daily basis.


The Approach

It’s fun & immersive
Recent studies highlight the potential of Serious Games in the teaching of such subjects related to citizenship to adolescents otherwise unreceptive to classic teaching styles.  With a scenario built around a thriller-style storyline, the game entrusts each player with a mission during which he/she must come to the aide of victims of a web snoop. Following the principles of active learning, the student learns by doing (in this case, by making proper decisions).

It doesn’t stigmatize the media. The subject of the risks linked to Internet use is presented in a positive social context by creating situations such as those experienced by adolescents today.

It’s validated: The themes and messages of Serious Game were defined and validated with two authorities: a scientific committee of experts in internet and education, and a Youth Panel composed of thirty middle-school students, aged 12 to 16. These young cybernauts actively participated in the creation of the program by enriching, validating and testing it at its different phases of creation.

It addresses fundamental notions. The game aims to raise youth awareness of the following major issues:

  • responsibility for and impact of one’s actions on the internet
  • the temporal quality of the web
  • the connection between private and public life
  • Individual and collective responsibility


The scenario

2012-2025 – For 30 years now, people have been posting personal information that accumulates on the networks. These pieces of the past could resurface, rendering them vulnerable.

2025 – A website called “” has made a powerful database retrieval software accessible to the cybernauts. With it, anyone can search into others’ pasts without having to worry about privacy protection laws. If this software fell into the wrong hands, it could result in many victims. By going back in time on the networks, the Network Detectives come to the aide of those whose pasts have been exposed.

The player is one of these detectives. Their mission: resolve each case that’s entrusted to them throughout the four episodes, and collect the information that will allow them to put a stop to


Teaching Tools

The game is designed for use by the general public as well as for educational purposes. With that it mind, it was designed in such a way that it can be carried out as independent sessions. Teaching resources are provided for this episode:

  • an INFO doc.
  • a LESSON PLAN doc.
  • a TIPS doc. to give to participants



Created in 2000, Tralalere operates awareness and educational programs. It namely has set up such initiatives  for, the French ministries of Education and Higher Education, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, and Sustainable development, the Holocaust Memorial in France and the SNCF (the French national railway).

These programmes are run at the national level, and include information campaigns as well as resource productions for young persons, parents and educators. They cover such topics as: media education, citizenship, security, cultural and social diversity, sustainable development.

Tralalere, as an editor of online educational resources works with major youth publishers and media to for children aged 4 to 16. Its particularity, since its creation, has been to keep a strong focus on critical use of online resources, proposing websites, games, applications and museographic installations, that allow for harmonious children development and step by step access to autonomy.
A pioneer in active pedagogy in the field of multimedia, Tralalere imagines new ways of putting information technology at the service of the education of children. Its expertise is recognized by stakeholders in the field and each program is designed with the support of a scientific committee, validating the content and methodology.